Monday, April 6, 2015

Welcome! Don't forget to wipe your feet!

Hi! How are you? Silly question, considering you're reading this and not talking back to a computer screen.. I hope.

My name is Stormi Chaloner.  I am a student at Henderson State and pretty new this whole new "blogging" thing so bear with me and we just might get through this together - don't get me wrong, everyone has their niche, so maybe this will be a new one for me.

Fun facts about myself are as follows: I currently work two jobs, one on campus and one off. I am a Resident Assistant in the hall I live in and I also work at a tee shirt shop in my home town. I am the oldest child in my family and have nine younger brothers and sisters that I help raise. I have a boyfriend of almost four years named Austin, whom has changed my life in many ways. I am more organized than your average human being. I love to help people and try to reach a best-fit solution in almost every situation. I am a member of the Christian sorority on our campus and a Reddie Ambassador. (If you haven't noticed, I am a very busy individual, but I don't like sitting still so it works out.)

I am attending Henderson State to attain a degree in Elementary Education. From the age of three years old to tenth grade, I had fully declared that I wanted to be a Medical Malpractice Attorney at University of Texas. However, I was accidentally placed into Orientation to Teaching 1 at my high school. I wasn't interested in this class until we began observation hours at a local elementary school. I fell in love with the art of teaching, helping others and being a role model and leader for the children that stood before me. My education path changed and so did my life. My goal as an educator is to help students achieve their goals and further their education just as I had teachers do for me.

Join me through this journey and the steps it will take me to get there!

(Note: if you find a typo in this first post, blame it on the Girl Scout cookies I am eating... I have provided a recipe link for you to make your own at home!)

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